Byron Katz

Byron Katz architecture graduation University of Tennessee 2002

graduation of Byron Katz from the school of Architecture at the University of Tennessee.

from left: Margie Sylvia Evensky Goodman, Elysa Katz Simone, Susan Goodman Katz, Ronald Edmund Katz, Susanne Stone Katz, Byron Katz, Ellis Katz, Marjorie Blumberg Katz, Louis Harold Goodman.

Byron Katz with frog on head
a young Byron Katz with a frog on his head, after swimming.
2023 hockey champions
The 2023 Orr Loco Team were champions of the D-level adult league at Ashburn Icehouse.
giving a speech at Elysa's wedding, 2005

This was a speech I gave at my sister's wedding at the Peabody hotel in Memphis Tennessee, December 2004

I had a little help from my Uncle Paul with this speech, but the gist was we were gaining a new geek into the family with Dan.

Byron jumping off a cliff
This was in Farragut, Tennessee, around 2000. My friend Steve Hunter knew of these cliffs close to where he lived. There was also a rope you could use to swing out over the water and drop, which I did, landing on my back and having the wind knocked out of me for several minutes.
Rope swing, Farragut Tennessee
This was the rope you could use to swing out over the water.
Byron with jazz band, May 1996
When I was in my senior year of high school at White Station, Memphis Tennessee, I joined the jazz band. I had no right being there - I had taken piano lessons years prior, but was in no way suited for the kind of musical aptitude required. Still, the other musicians were tolerant of me. I am in the bottom right with the sunglasses.
Byron, Susanne, and her mom Patricia, November 1999
Out at dinner with Byron and Susanne and her mom, Patricia Stone, November 1999.
Byron Katz, Susan Katz, Elysa Katz at Carnegie Deli, New York, 2001
In 2001 I went with my mom, Susan Katz, and sister, Elysa Katz, to New York City to see The Producers musical on Broadway. Here we are stopping for a bite at the famous (now closed) Carnegie Deli.
Byron at his bar mitzvah with father and grandfathers
from left: Byron Katz with his father, Ronald Katz, and his grandfathers Louis Goodman and Ellis Katz. With the torah open, holding a pointer. At Baron Hirsch synagogue, Memphis Tennessee. February 1991.
Newspaper clipping Byron wins Brocho bee
At the Memphis Hebrew Academy in 1989, I was new to the school. Mrs. Greenblatt took me under her wing and taught me everything I would need to win the brocho bee. What's a brocho bee? Great question. In Jewish law, you can recite a prayer for bread and then eat anything you want, or you can say a separate prayer per food. But is the prayer for potatoes the same as potato chips? No, because it is not obviously a potato. In any case, I was so well prepared that I beat out everyone else, including students who had much better fluency in Jewish law and Hebrew language. It was fun to win!
Grandad Ellis teaching computers

Taken around 1992, from left: Byron Katz, Ellis Katz, Elysa Katz, Ronald Katz. In the "green room" at our house (our play room / game room). Ellis was very proficient with computers - he was able to program in Fortran and some other computer languages as part of his engineering work. Here, he is probably showing off some dos batch commands, Basic programs, or maybe one of the programs he wrote in Pascal, on our 286-DX IBM pc compatible computer. I loved that computer.

We always had computers at home. Dad (Ron Katz) bought us a Commodore 64 for games when I was younger, and I would painstakingly type in Basic programs I had read from magazines like "3-2-1 Contact". It is part of how I decided computers were for me.

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