Patricia Ann Nirenberg Stone

March 26, 1944 to June 26, 2014 (70 years)
Born at Brooklyn Women's Hospital, Brooklyn NY. First address: 1603 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, New York Married Stanley Stone on May 16, 1971. Wedding held in a rabbi's study and the reception was at Senior's restaurant.
Patricia at three years old.
A portrait at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia. With her daughter Susanne and grandson Cameron, and with her husband Stanley Stone.
Visiting with her grandchildren Rowen and Ethan Johns in Atlanta, Georgia, next to a raised bed garden they had grown.

article on adoption andrea patricia susanne 1986

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Keith, Pat, Andrea and Stan Stone 1976

Dorothy Dorfman Nirenberg and her daughter, Patricia Nirenberg Stone

Probably around 1948 - Patricia looks about 4 years old.

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