Margie Sylvia Evensky Goodman

February 9, 1925 to March 31, 2014 (89 years)

Biography by Byron Katz

young Margie Goodman in front of a small tree

She always doted on us, her grandchildren. She was religious, and had a conservative streak, but was always on my side, whatever my opinion was. It was always easy to speak with her. When I would drive with her, she would always complain I was driving too fast.

My grandfather, Louis Goodman, once told me we could have anything we wanted in the house - except Grandma.

closeup of senior year photo at Humes High School

from the senior year horoscope in her yearbook:

  • Name: Margie S. Evensky
  • Nickname: Marge
  • Famous for: Singing
  • Pastime: Singing
  • Ambition: To be a torch singer
  • Favorite expression: Listen, Baby

She was imperious and demanding. She always had to have her way. She was sometimes cruel to my mother. But I knew how much my affection meant to her and I would withhold it until I felt the wrong was righted.

wedding of Margie Evensky and Louis Goodman,January 31, 1943

Bride: Margie Sylvia Evensky Groom: Louis Harold Goodman Bride's father: Julius L Evensky Matron of honor: Bessie Evensky Senior matron of honor: Goldie Margolin Maid of honor: LaVerne Evensky Bridesmaids: Sylvia Shankman, Rosemarie Romeo Groomsman: Sam Margolin, Nathan Evensky, Ben Margolin Ushers: Phil Evensky, Joe Margolin, Herbert Evensky, Ben Levitch Groom's Aunt: Mrs. Regina Fishhein Flower girls: Emily Sue Margolin, Marcia Faye Evensky Rabbi: Isadore Goodman Cantor: Rev. M I Levin

from left: Margie Evensky Goodman, Rae Elise Evensky, Sidney Evensky, Laverne Evensky Lehman

If she felt I misbehaved she would say I was being ugly. If I spoke casually of something dangerous or absurd, she would say “you’re crazy!”, similar to her sister, my Aunt Laverne.

She loved cooking for her family. But she was also a child of the depression, so she was thrifty. She often made the same dishes each week. Iceberg lettuce salad, with homemade thousand-island dressing. Chicken soup from bouillon cubes with noodles and “soup-beef”. Homemade challah. Brisket for shabbos, cabbage and noodles, pineapple cake. Fried fish - lake perch, and fish from the lake at their house. Many of these are still my favorite recipes

at Byron and Susanne Katz's wedding

Grandma Margie Goodman, Grampa Louis Goodman, Susan Katz and Ron Katz at Byron and Susanne's wedding in Braselton, Georgia, Chateau Elan

Both my grandparents adored my sister and I. They would happily splurge. When we visited Disney World, there was a robot rolling around. She tried to buy it. It said “I am not for sale”.

Margie Evensky Goodman, June 1936

She was used to getting her way. We were once shopping and she wanted me to try on some shoes I did not want. She told the salesman, “make him try them on”.

And she knew how to push people’s buttons, and how to make a scene.

I am told she was a fantastic saleswoman. She was half of L & M Wholesale, selling pine bark mulch, for years.

Margie and Louis Goodman

With Louis Goodman wearing his army uniform - he was a sergeant.

She loved to entertain. Some memories are of large parties at her home. They would hire wait staff and bartenders. Elysa and I would hide out. They loved pointing us out to their friends.

She often called, often wanted me around. When she died, I was only a few days from visiting her. She was very easy to talk with- always curious about me.

I do miss her very much.

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