Bessie Rose (Rochel) Margolin Evensky

October 22, 1899 to January 4, 1974 (74 years)

She loved bananas. When they came from Russia, traveling to America (Ellis Island) on the boat, there were bananas hanging on the boat. Her mother said no, she didn't think they were kosher, she had never seen a banana and didn't know what it was. Afterwards, Bessie always loved bananas.

she always loved purses and shoes.

They always played poker on Saturday nights. Bessie lived a block or two from Baron Hirsch. Sam bought a house near Baron Hirsch (a "shabbos house").

Saint Louis, July 1918, I think Bessie is on the left.  I don't know who is on the right. Wedding photo of Julius and Bessie Bessie Evensky as a young woman Bessie Evensky with her husband Julius Evensky and family at their 50th anniversary party 8 and a half months, Aug 1948
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