Julius L. Evensky

February 19, 1898 to November 21, 1990 (92 years)

from Susan Katz: he had a money drawer, full of coins, which he would hand out to the grandkids. When she would be over at his house, and it was cold, he would say to go to the thermostat and turn the lever ALL the way to hot. And when it got too hot, he would say turn it ALL the way to cold.

when my great grandfather was a young man, he was a peddler - he would buy things himself, then he would travel in a truck and sell things. When he was doing that in Mississippi, a friend invited him to a social group - the Ku Klux Klan! He declined, being Jewish.

He loved to play gin and loved potato chips. He was wonderful. Very loving.

Julius with his brothers

Pictures of the Evensky Brothers at Maynard and Sophia's wedding

Julius, Fannie, Jesse, Arthur, Philip, Nathan, Sara, Milton and Herbert Evensky

A young Julius Evensky

Julius Evensky at work

Started as a travelling peddler. Eventually did insurance work at Margolin Brothers insurance.

Julius and Bessie at their fiftieth anniversary party

Julius Evensky walking his daughter, Margie Evensky Goodman, at her wedding

Julius and Bessie Evensky with their family - Rae Elise, Margie, Laverne, Sidney

Wedding photo of Julius and Bessie

Julius and Bessie

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