Max Schulman

August 10, 1867 to January 18, 1932 (64 years)

Max Schulman was born on August 10, 1867, in Russia. He married Bertha Friedman in 1896. They had five children in 13 years. He died on January 18, 1932, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the age of 64, and was buried there.

Max Schulman, with his wife, Bertha, built a home in Livingston, Ala in about 1905. All their children were born in that home on West Main street which still stands and is occupied by Mr Robert Holycross.

schulman holycross home
The Holycross Home, Livingston, Alabama
holycross home, present day max schulman gravestone
Schulman home
Photo of the Schulman family in Livingston, Alabama about 1903. Leah (Marj’s mother) is seated on the steps in front of Grandfather Max Schulman. The house was once the home of a Confederate general
in more to the modern times
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